Traveling in St. John

For truly breathtaking surroundings and some much-deserved serenity, St. John is the place to go for your next vacation. For freedom and dependability while traveling during your stay, you’ll need a Jeep rental from the island’s oldest, most trusted rental agency: St. John Car Rental. Below are just a few compelling reasons to rent a Jeep for your trip.

Freedom To Explore

No one likes being confined to the hotel and surrounding 2-block radius when visiting a new, exotic locale. Don’t be a prisoner in your own hotel room — rent a Jeep to get out and explore your surroundings! With world-class restaurants and bars, beautiful beaches, and an ever-evolving events schedule, there’s something for everyone in your party to enjoy on St. John.

Dependable Option

If having the freedom to explore is a necessity on St. John, then having a dependable vehicle must be equally important. Due to their ability to handle the rugged natural roads of the island, Jeeps are a popular choice of vehicle for visitors and residents alike. Match the dependability with the unrivaled customer service of St. John Car Rental, and you’ve got yourself the recipe for a stress-free rental experience.

Fun To Drive

Our Jeeps aren’t just ideal rental choices because of their dependable nature – they’re also fun to drive! Jeeps possess their own unique quality that can turn the most mundane drive into an exhilarating adventure. Although they can handle several different types of terrain, please remember to keep your Jeep rental on the road to maintain the island’s untouched, picturesque beauty.

Ready to request a Jeep rental and take your vacation on St. John to the next level? Perfect! We’ve been waiting for you. Contact us today at (340) 776-6103, and check out our island guide before your visit — we can’t wait to help you get around during your stay.