Inventer Karl Benz changed the world with the creation of the first automobile. Since 1885, nations everywhere have developed his ideas and shaped vehicles into many incarnations. Known for their off-road capabilities, the Sports Utility Vehicle or SUV has become a popular choice in Australia, Canada, and the United States. To understand the nature of these powerful, graceful machines, you have to start from the beginning. The Virgin Island’s oldest and most experienced car rental agency, St. John Car Rental, specializes in providing sleek and modern SUVs for every adventure. For an agile car with a stylish flair, call (340) 776-6103

Throughout automotive history, there has been much debate over who deserves credit for the SUV design. This is because the definition of an SUV was slowly developed. Presently, an SUV is loosely defined as an athletic station wagon with various off-road proficiencies designed for tough terrains. Though crafted for fortitude, these vehicles are prominent among families and city folk alike. Below is a brief summary timelining the evolution of the SUV. 

On Road SUV

Who Invented the SUV?

Jeeps served a vital role in World War II and the American triumph. This inspired car manufacturer Willys Overland to extend these solid vehicles to the general public. Many auto enthusiasts acknowledge Brooks Stevens and his 1946 design of the Willys Overland Station Wagon as the prototype for what SUVs are today. Unlike most cars at the time, the new invention featured a steel body and a tight build. 

SUV Timeline Infographic

Current SUVs

SUVs have become popular all over the world because of their solid design and safety features. Due to their sturdy build, higher ride height, and extra seating, vehicles like the 7 seating Ford Explorer have dominated the market in recent years. According to a 2016 study, Euromonitor International discovered that SUV sales have climbed 22 percent since 2015 and predict a 5 percent yearly increase between 2017 and 2022. 

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