St. John may be small, but there’s still plenty to do! We at St. John Car Rental love both our guests and our locals, and it’s important to know the best things to do on the island. Read below for a few spots that stand out.

St John Favorite Spots The Longboard
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The Longboard

More than just your traditional bar food, The Longboard provides plenty of healthy choices with locally sourced herbs and greens. A favorite among the community, this Caribbean restaurant offers a lively atmosphere, delicious cuisine, cold beer, and superior service.

St John Favorite Spots Annaberg Plantation
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The Annaberg Sugar Plantation

If you’re a history buff or simply a fan of interesting ruins, the Annaberg Sugar Plantation is a must. A relic from when sugar was one of St. John’s biggest exports, this area is one of the island’s most interesting sites. It overlooks the bay, where visitors can see several islands, and many visitors also get to see friendly deer. Usually, a guide will be there after 10 a.m. The plantation requires walking, so keep that in mind when planning. If you have a Jeep to get here, it will be especially memorable.

St John Favorite Spots - Honeymoon Beach
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Honeymoon Beach

If you love soft, white sand, shady palm trees, and water sports, Honeymoon Beach is perfect for you. It offers kayaking, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and snacks at the Canella Beach Hut. Make sure to also look into St. John’s other amazing beaches.

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