St. John, the smallest of the three islands that make up the US Virgin Islands, is a treasure trove of amazing things to see. Beaches, parks, historic sites – this island has it all! If you want to see it all, rent a jeep or SUV from St. John Car Rental by making a reservation online, or call (340) 776-6103.

St John, US Virgin Islands

1. Drive on the left – with care.

St. John is a United States territory, but Denmark ruled the island from 1718-1917. Driving on the left side of the road is a holdover from that era. However, cars still have the driver on the left side of the vehicle, just like in mainland US. In short, driving will take a little getting used to. In addition, roads can be narrow, mountainous, and serpentine, so take your time and drive slowly.

2. Know the horn lingo.

Most of the time, islanders use the horn for friendly communication rather than to express anger or frustration. A short single “beep” or double “beep, beep” means “thank you,” and is typically extended to drivers who allow another driver to enter traffic. Sometimes a driver gives a quick honk as a “hello” to someone on the road that they know. And don’t be surprised if it’s followed up by that car coming to a complete stop to have a quick conversation!

3. Yield for others, and they’ll yield for you.

All of the roads on St. John are two-lane, so drivers tend to be generous with yielding and allowing others to enter the road from driveways, parking places, etc. It’s appreciated when visitors adopt this island custom. And remember to tap your horn with a quick “beep beep” to say thanks!

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Source: Virgin Islands This Week