As a resident business of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands, we obviously recommend that everyone visit at least once. The islands have so much to offer and are a beautiful place to relax. Traveling somewhere new, however, can be a little stressful. Continue reading to learn more about visiting the U.S. Virgin Islands from the team at St. John Car Rental.

Things to Know Before Visiting the U.S. Virgin Islands

Bring Your Passport

While a U.S. passport is not required to travel to the U.S. Virgin Islands, it can make your trip back through customs a little easier. Plus, if you plan on taking a quick day trip over to the British Virgin Islands, then you’ll definitely need it. If, however, you know for sure you won’t be leaving St. John the entire vacation, for example, then a government-issued photo I.D. is sufficient.

U.S. Dollar Is Standard

Many places on the islands will only accept U.S. dollars for payment. While there are ATMs on the islands, they can be scarce. Plus, it’s worth noting that ATM fees can really add up if you continuously withdraw. It’s a good idea to bring some cash with you to avoid this whenever possible.

AST Is the Time Zone

All three U.S. Virgin Islands are in the Atlantic Standard Time (or AST) time zone. That means that while visiting, you’ll be one hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time. It should also be noted that Daylight Savings Time is not observed on the islands.

Larger Establishments Accept Credit Cards

Resorts and restaurants will typically accept credit cards. Be aware, though, that there may be an additional fee to run the transaction through a credit card. There are also many smaller and locally-owned businesses that will only accept cash. So, again, it’s a great idea to plan on bringing cash with you on your trip to avoid the fees.

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