Traveling requires preparation. Whether you are taking a family trip, or getting away with your spouse for some alone time, there are items you need to bring to make your trip easier and more comfortable. The more prepared you are, the less likely your travel plans will be ruined by the unexpected; and that means packing everything you need before you leave. According to your friends at St. John Car Rental, these are the must-have items to check out before you leave on your next trip.

Travel Accessories for 2020

1. Document Organizer

In 2020, it’s tempting to assume that everything we could possibly need is stored on our phones. However, it’s still good practice to travel with paper copies of your itinerary, emergency contact numbers, maps, and tickets for your plane, bus, train, and/or boat. You will also need your ID and passport. That’s why a small but efficient document organizer can help keep things running smoothly. You’ll be able to get through lines easily without making your fellow travelers angry or worrying about your phone battery dying.

2. GoPro Camera

Even if your travel plans involve more of lying on the beach than jumping off cliffs, you’ll still be amazed at the versatility and creative potential of a GoPro camera. They are super small and easy to use, and can create cool-looking videos of your vacation. Use your GoPro on an adventure like surfing or zip-lining, or use it to create a short video to share with your family – instead of making them flip through hundreds of vacation photos.

3. Multi USB Charger

The great thing about our current world is all the technology that we have at our fingertips. The not-so-great thing is not being about to charge said technology. Let’s face it, we’ve all experienced not having enough power outlets to charge all our devices. Some hotel rooms have very few outlets to begin with, and simply cannot support all the charging needs of a modern day traveler. Do yourself a favor and invest in a multi USB charger so you don’t end up having to choose between your phone, your iPad, or your GoPro.

Once you have packed all of your travel essentials, don’t forget to contact St. John Car Rental at (340) 776-6103 to reserve your rental jeep or SUV in the Virgin Islands, or make a reservation online.